Laurel Ridge Vineyard circa 1993

our roots

This is the precise location of both the origins of Oregon's wine culture and Oregon's wine renaissance. This farm was once called the Reuter Estate and there were vineyards here from about 1870 until the beginnings of Prohibition in 1915 (Oregon enacted Prohibition 4 years prior the the Federal Government), when those first vines were pulled up and replaced with plum trees, potatoes, and grazing fields. This vineyard site was brought back to life when it was purchased in 1965 by Charles and Shirley Coury and in 1966 planted to wine grapes, thus kicking off the modern wine industry in the Willamette Valley. The vineyard was subsequently bought and sold many times since 1978, but in has been in the safe hands of the Stoyanov family since 1992.  Our Golden Cluster label started with the 2013 vintage, marking another new era of wines from this historic vineyard and a special link between Oregon's past and current wine history. For us, this is hollowed ground.