2015 ∆-OREGON 'For Bruce' Syrah

2015 ∆-OREGON 'For Bruce' Syrah

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Syrah is one of the most promising red grapes in the Willamette Valley. I first became aware of Syrah in the Willamette Valley while working my very first harvest in 2006 for Bruce & Brad Biehl (The Bad Biehl Brothers). The Syrah and other experimental grapes had just been planted in the vineyard. Sometimes when everyone is going in the same direction, it is time to change course.

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Syrah happens to be one of my favorite grapes.  I love its versatility and can be just as haunting as Pinot Noir.  It is one of the few red grapes that really straddles the line of feminine and masculine.  It is a grape that preforms well at low elevations, high elevations, clay soil, limestone soil, loess soil, cool climate, or hot climates.  It can be highly aromatic and elegant or dense and rich.

The 2015 ‘For Bruce’ Syrah is another side to the Willamette Valley Syrah conversation.  Grown in Laurelwood soils, this Syrah is unlike any in the valley.  One of the surprises of this wine is the small amount of Grenache in it. There is one lonely row of Grenache in this vineyard and we picked it and blended it all together.  This is also the only known Grenache in the Willamette Valley.

STATE/REGION:                                Oregon
COUNTRY:                                         United States of America
APPELLATION:                                 Willamette Valley AVA (North)
VINTAGE:                                          2015
GRAPE VARIETIES:                           Syrah, Grenache
ESTATE GROWN:                              No, purchased grapes
VINEYARD SOURCE:                        Redacted
VINEYARD AGE:                               10 Years
DRY FARMED:                                  Yes
OWN ROOTED:                                Grafted Vines & Own Rooted
SOIL TYPE:                                       Laurelwood  (Loess)
ELEVATION:                                     400 feet (122 meters)
HARVEST DATE:                              October 6th, 2015
GRAPE GROWER:                            Bruce Biehl
HARVEST METHOD:                         Hand Harvested
BRIX AT HARVEST:                          23.6
SKIN CONTACT:                               9 Days
CHAPTALIZATION:                          No
FERMENTATION:                             Ambient Yeast
MATURATION VESSEL:                   400L Puncheon, 15G Stainless Steel
ALCOHOL (by volume):                  13.5%
SULFUR DIOXIDE (SO₂):                 42mg/L
ACIDITY SCALE (pH):                     3.79
TOTAL ACIDITY:                              7.2g/L
FINING AGENT:                               Unfined
BOTTLE SIZE:                                 750ml & 1.5L (Antique Green)
CLOSURE TYPE:                             FineCork X & Beeswax
FILTRATION:                                   Unfiltered
HAND BOTTLED:                            Yes
PRODUCTION:                                60 Cases
BOTTLING DATE:                            June 29th, 2016
RELEASE DATE:                             September 1, 2016