2017 'COURY' Semillon

2017 'COURY' Semillon


We are excited to release the 2017 'COURY' Semillon, which marks the 51st vintage at David Hill Vineyard (aka Charles Coury Vineyard). This wine is pillowy soft with aromatics that are closer to white bordeaux that have Sauvignon Blanc in them.

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This is the "biggest" Semillon that we have made to date.  Not "big" from oak, but of ripeness from mother nature.  So much so, that we left more lees than normal to mitigate this.  This wine should be treated like a col fondo prosecco; you have the option of incorporating the lees into the wine or pour to clarity.  There are two wines contained within each bottle. Vintage 2016 illuminated the natural power and depth of David Hill Vineyard.  As usual, we left this wine in bottle for a full year before release.

COUNTRY:                                     United States of America
STATE/REGION:                            Oregon
APPELLATION:                              Willamette Valley AVA (North)
WINE TYPE:                                   White
VINTAGE:                                       2017
GRAPE:                                          Sémillon
ESTATE GROWN:                          No, purchased grapes
VINEYARD SOURCE:                     David Hill Vineyard
VINEYARD AGE:                            51 years old
DRY FARMED:                               Yes
OWN ROOTED:                             Yes
SOIL TYPE:                                    Laurelwood (Loess)
ELEVATION:                                  490 feet (149m)
HARVEST DATE:                           October 5th, 2017
HARVEST METHOD:                     Hand Harvested
BRIX AT HARVEST:                       
SKIN CONTACT:                            None
CHAPTALIZATION:                       None
FERMENTATION:                          Ambient Yeast
MATURATION VESSEL:                225L DAMY, Billon, Mercury, Rousseau
ALCOHOL (by volume):               14.5%
SULFUR DIOXIDE (SO₂):              22 ppm
ACIDITY SCALE (pH):                  3.51
TOTAL ACIDITY:                           5.7 g/L
FINING AGENT:                            Unfined (Vegan)
FILTRATION:                                 Unfiltered
BOTTLE SIZE:                               750ml (Antique Green)
CLOSURE TYPE:                           FineCorkX
HAND BOTTLED:                          Yes
PRODUCTION:                               104 cases
BOTTLING DATE:                          July 10th, 2018