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Oregon’s oldest plantings of Savagnin Rose, Flora, Perle of Csaba, Chasselas, and the origin of the mysterious “Coury Clones”.

We source the majority of our grapes from the infamous Charles Coury Vineyard (now known as David Hill Vineyard). This vineyard was planted in 1966 to an impressive selection of wine grapes. We have made it our mission to explore these lesser known wine grapes from this vineyard and to showcase them on their own. These are the first single varietal wines made off of this site and in the case of our Savagnin Rose, the first ever varietal wine made in the USA from this rare and ancient grape. We hope that you enjoy these unique pieces of Oregon's wine history. We are working hard to link Oregon’s past present, and future, all under one roof!

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We are also the home of some of the most exciting wine brands coming out of Oregon; On Wine Hill, Vinous Obscura, ∆ - Oregon, Müller?, Ordeaux, Oregon Brand, and more….coming soon.

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