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From the original Charles Coury Vineyard, established 1965

One of the first vineyards in the Willamette valley.
Established in 1965, planted in 1966,
With some rare grape varieties.
the location of the mysterious "Coury Clone" pinot noir.
own rooted.
Dry farmed.





old vines

Oregon's OLDEST PLANTINGS OF SEMILLON, Chessalas,  FLORA, SAVAGNIN ROSE, PINOT GOUGES, PEARL OF CSABA, and the birthplace of the "Coury CLone" Pinot noir.


Our Roots

This farm has existed since the 1870's. It was started by the Frank Reuter Family, German immigrants who believed that Oregon's many river valleys could be the "Rhineland of America". From about 1870 - 1915, Oregon had a very mature wine culture. Prohibition put an end to the vineyards on this site and so grapes gave way to plums, potatoes, and grains. One constant has been this old homestead and the spirit of this idyllic piece of land. This land and its wine history were re-discovered by Charles & Shirley Coury in early 1965, and the purchased this estate on September 17th, 1965. The site was prepared for planting and beginning in the Spring of 1966, the former Reuter Estate Vineyard was resurrected and the Oregon wine renaissance began.


Our Wines

We source the majority of our grapes from the infamous Charles Coury Vineyard (now known as David Hill Vineyard). This vineyard was planted in 1966 to an impressive selection of wine grapes. We have made it our mission to explore these lesser known wine grapes from this vineyard and to showcase them on their own. These are the first single varietal wines made off of this site and in the case of our Savagnin Rose, the first ever varietal wine made in the USA . We hope that you enjoy this unique piece of Oregon's wine history.